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Efficient investigation services at Gideon Investigation Limited
Trust is something we earned, which is why we combined excellence with industry in our investigations to achieve goals, accomplish our aims, put your mind at rest and bring justice to those who deserve it.
We also have strong links to West Africa with many of our detectives speaking most major languages found there. We offer a FREE, no obligation and full confidential consultation on all enquiries.
To succeed is not an option but it is inevitable to mankind which is why we strive for excellence and are committed to developing our own practices so that we can continue to provide you with effective solutions.
We believe the greatest tragedy is not death, but organisation without purpose that which has helped us excel in logical thinking, analysing complex information, identifying key issues and effective decision-making.  These qualities combined with commitment to the brief, confidence in our actions and ability to discern and strategize at difficult situations provide us with prime skills required for mission accomplishment.
We have operatives based in the UK and abroad allowing us to offer a comprehensive national and international services.
Gideon Investigations Limited
Registered No. 8483989
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